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.:. points comissions .:.
Okay before anyone could go ask me for commissions I'm just gonna say what I can draw and can't draw . These is my first time doing one so take it easy on me!

- I won't be doing anything that has do to with fetishes o3o I will feel uncomfortable
- I can't draw extremely buff guys like goku style or anything like that
- I can't draw furries( I draw them a lil bit but not as good as ya will expect it ), wolves , dragons or any kind of animal .
- I can draw sonic fancharacters , creepypasta o.cs and your character o.cs I also can draw adventure time fan characters
- I can draw yaoi and yuri too cause I don't mind
- I can draw your o.cs being sexy or in a sexy pose as you like .
- I  will only draw traditionally
- Please be patient don't ask me if I'm gonna do your commission currently I have a life to deal with ^v^ so please don't hurry me to do them .

- Full body : 50 points

- head shots : 50 points

- couples : 100 points

- chibis : 40 points

- Group drawing of some of yours o.cs: 200 points

Newest Deviations

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xX miku bio [reupload/please read description] Xx
Full name : miku lucifer Christ
Age: 19 years old
Sex: straight
Gender: female
Height: 5'2 ft tall .
Weight : 130 lb. 
Status: taken.
Type of relationships: polygamy
In a relationship with :
- dark hollow grim
- Carlos hollow grim
Origin : was born in the palace of Satan and maika in the middle of hell and heaven
Parents :
- maika (God) : goddess of the 7 heavens and the creator of all life .
- Satan : God of all evil and hell
Siblings :
- deiru - God of apocalypse ( I know I friend of mine has a omc name like that so I'll be calling mine dei)
- Reika - used to be the goddess of the 7 heaven but dies so miku had to take her place too.
- Amaya goddess of the falling star
- Kai- God of bad and good luck
- Lucifer - King of hell
- Seanelys- goddess of succubus
- Jesus - the Jesus Christ
- Kirai - goddess of yuri
- Kimori: goddess of the elements
- Astra - goddess of peace and nature
- Taisha - goddess of love
- Dante - God of exorcism
- Poison- unstable archangel of madness half olde
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xX three sisters, different styles Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 11 52 xX I [don't] Love you!Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 22 0 xX pity miu really hate kids Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 30 4 xX when bae is flexible[bonecrasher]Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 33 44 xX who dog is these?Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 31 11 xX put me down!! Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 24 3 xX chomp hungry..Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 23 45 xX Intoxic won't show her face Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 24 14 xX who would you rather be stuck with Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 28 35 xX ishtar captive body[sketch]Xx :iconxxbonecrasher59xx:Xxbonecrasher59Xx 20 64


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Tohkas poem
I was always afraid ... I was afraid to take up such a important job, afraid that even this power would take over me and I'll end up like my father . I don't want this power to overwhelm me , I don't want to loose all the friends and family I have . I don't want to be replaced . Sadly in this world you can't want something and have it handed to you without even putting any effort. I knew that it wouldn't be easy and I would be stressed out day and night but I had to be the leader these people never had , I had to help them overcome the chaos me and my friends started .some people may say they are better off now they with my father but I can't help but feel terrible houses and families were destroyed cause of our ignorance . We didn't know what would happen when we first started the rebellion and we suffered the consequences ....
- tohka
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Should. I make alyx proxies? 

7 deviants said Yes( suggest me on how would the proxies would be for her)
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- a rp scene I did with a friend-

Eyeless jack:*my friend role-playing as him* hey~~~

Bonecrasher: ¬^¬ hey

Eyeless jack: I'll tell you a joke about my d**k but is too long

Bonecrasher:..... I'll tell you a joke about my p***y. But you wouldn't get it ¬3¬

Jeff: ohhhhhhhhh snap!!
xX no family is perfect Xx
I made these for my family >v< by using the picture we took of our fit together
xX pacify him 3 Xx
Here baby color and in digital! XD ignore the sparkle I just wanted to use those
xX ruby likes doing acrobats Xx
Nan adores when his ruby does her acrobatics even tho both of them are emotionless . ruby adore entertaining him as much as he enjoys watching her eve
xX I want a kiss from master Xx
Ruby again!! She so smoll!! Emotionless loli girl!! >v> she just wants her master nan to give her some love~~
When you have a whole bottle of nutella all for your self


embedded_item1490640749471 by Xxbonecrasher59Xx
xX his doll Xx
Here ruby the wife of nan she is his precious emotionless dolly
Full name : miku lucifer Christ

Age: 19 years old

Sex: straight

Gender: female

Height: 5'2 ft tall .

Weight : 130 lb. 

Status: taken.

Type of relationships: polygamy

In a relationship with :

- dark hollow grim
- Carlos hollow grim

Origin : was born in the palace of Satan and maika in the middle of hell and heaven

Parents :

- maika (God) : goddess of the 7 heavens and the creator of all life .
- Satan : God of all evil and hell

Siblings :

- deiru - God of apocalypse ( I know I friend of mine has a omc name like that so I'll be calling mine dei)
- Reika - used to be the goddess of the 7 heaven but dies so miku had to take her place too.
- Amaya goddess of the falling star
- Kai- God of bad and good luck
- Lucifer - King of hell
- Seanelys- goddess of succubus
- Jesus - the Jesus Christ
- Kirai - goddess of yuri
- Kimori: goddess of the elements
- Astra - goddess of peace and nature
- Taisha - goddess of love
- Dante - God of exorcism
- Poison- unstable archangel of madness half older brother of miku.

Aunties and uncles:(satan siblings)
- Moroxide : God of nightmares
- Luz: Goddess of masochims and sadism
- Alondra : goddess of abnormals
- Yuno: goddess of the evil stared and suicides
- Sinsiter: goddess of Halloween
- Insidious: God of madness
- Insanity -goddess of chaos and terror
- Mist-goddess of sorrow and despair
- Psycho-God of impurity and slovenliness. Also Gressil
- Silence-God if lost souls
- Sanity-God of misery and chains

Grandparents:(satan parents and maika siblings)
- Lost-God of war
- ishtar ashtaroth -goddess of lust & fertility

Great grandparents: (parents of maika,ishtar and lost)

- blackrose - the death mirror (mother of God , lost , ikuto and Ishtar )
- Akio- the mirror of life and blackrose husband/ he the God of life and fate.


- demion the God of mirrors
- The one behind the unknown forces who name will remain unknown
- Angels and demons who become traitors of God & Satan and work for the unknown forces


- Cerberus: her father gave Cerberus to her so she can develop more her social skills and he was perfect to be her guardian

Current Occupation:

- she is a student of broken wings ( at the moment now )
- Chosen to be the goddess of hell ( but with reika death she had to take both roles as the goddess of hell and the seven heavens till she gave birth to reika reincarnation )

Specie: Powerful being mostly confused to be a hybrid

Personality: she a active cocky hostile person she cuss a lot whenever she gets annoyed and sometimes to show ppl she isn't someone to mess with. She has malice and won't trust no one that easily she very converse on her stuff and don't like talking that much of herself cause she thinks isn't really that important to talk to ppl about herself cause if she doesn't care about others past is fair that no one needs to know about her. She also independent she doesn't like to be dependent on no male she wants to be useful instead of being the one in distress . she very blunt and talks what's truth and she don't sugar coat no one at all. She very fearless as well since being raised under the roof of her father Satan she gotten used to every scary things . Despise all that she is very stubborn that can actually get her in trouble in situations. She can also be very impatient she hates waiting ( she won't be able to tolerate those type of person who takes so long on talking ) and very demanding she wants all to be her way if it doesn't she will be frustrating .

[lucifer: *whispers* don't forget she a lunatic psychopathic bitch when she pissed!!! ][ me:*hits him* shh!!]

Type of person: tsundere

Talents :  talented at everything caused of her father taught her to be a perfect being if she wants to blend in to society.


- music : she loves listening to any type specially creepy disturbing a ones she likes to sing it to scare ppl for her own amusement
- Human food : she obsessed with it.
- Being insulted by dark : she knows that's how dark show his affection so she learned to love it
- Chocolate
- Extreme stuff she just love it
- her dolls
- torturing
- her two husbands
- getting into fights
- proving everyone she isn't someone to fucked with


- ppl trying to kill her for no damn reason ( like she could be just wondering around and some dude come up to her and try to kill her cause she "evil")
- Being around idiots, assholes , wanna be, Ppl who claimed to to be the strongest or claimed to be something they aren't and try to intimidate her .
- Show offs.
- Being protected by someone just becuase she a princess and a girl .
- Have special treatment cause she a princess and she just hates it.
- Being called short
- assholes hurting her family


- Can only get killed by the hand of her oldest brother deiru
- godly incarnation which is reika
- If she gets a critical wound or loses a lot of blood she will passed out unable to move or fight any forward or will be "dead" for a century till her body heals up .
- She can't control her powers when she under pressure she gets so frustrated it can get out of control .
- She will get dizzy or feel sick if she uses her powers for a very long time.

Small facts about her:

- Her right eye has a unique symbol ;When the symbol starts to spin around violently and cause her eyes  while seeing her opponent use his or her powers she copy's them to back fire at them and once they dead she absorb her or his forms along with his powers and abilities leaving the body useless preventing their soul from coming back to life then the powers and forms she has stolen or absorbed from the opponent she somehow turn it into a dark sinister looking rose where she keeps them on her room( which she rarely used )for her future creations .
- She is immortal.
- She not good nor evil she is chaotic neutral .
- Don't ever take her necklace off that's the only thing that allow others to be able to touch her. When she not wearing it no one can't touch her or she can't touch anything around her that is not her necklace .For example if a person touched her that person will be consumed by black substance and be turn into black ashes erasing you from existance same when she touched any material or anything else it will turn black and it will shatter into black ashes and be gone forever .
- The stitches that is all over her body was due to fights she gone through with dark, the battles she been during the missions of the broken wings academy ,punishment in the academy of broken wings whenever she breaks the school rules.

Abilities/powers :

Satanic incarnation: these is was her original ability she inherited from Satan.

The ability to be a manifestation of and/or have the traits of the Devil. Not to be confused with Transcendent Demon Physiology or Devil Soul. Opposite to Godly Incarnation.


The user of this power either is or merely has the traits of the ultimate evil being know in Christianity as The Devil and/or Satan/Lucifer. Unlike Devil Soul, the user is allowed to truly become the embodiment of all evil and use his power as they see fit.
This power can be achieved by either being possessed by Satan, having a blood-tie to him, fusing with his essence or just being the greatest force of evil in the user's existence. Ultimately, this power grants the user of the archetype of Satan: the ultimate evil being, so the user could be a mythological god and still have this power. Other times, users fall from grace and become evil rulers. The power functions as an archetype, so even if the user is not the actual Satan, he or she represents him in his or her existence (ie The White Witch) and therefore does not wield the full power of the archetype.

* Absolute Force Manipulation(extremely rare): Advanced users hold limitless power over all forces.
* Chaos Manipulation : Cause and control chaos.
* Corruption Manipulation: Cause and control corruption.
* Civilization Manipulation: By corrupting enough individuals, the user may end up influencing entire civilizations.
* Society Manipulation: The user's evil influence affects society at large.
* Dark Heart: Possesses a heart of vice and malice.
* Demon/Devil Soul: A soul blackened by the pitch and fire of pure darkness.
* Demonic Force Manipulation: Wield god-like demonic/hellish powers.
* Destruction: Destroy anything.
* Elemental Manipulation: Control the elements.
* Energy Manipulation: Manipulate energy.
* Fallen Transcendent Angel Physiology: In spite of their fallen status, users possess god-like angelic and demonic powers.
* Absolute Condition: Be virtually unmatched in strength, speed, ect.
* Absolute Immortality: Can not truly die under any circumstances.
* Devil Soul: Be indwelt by the ultimate evil.
* Divine Presence : Cause supernatural events simply by being present.
* Hypercompetence: Have perfect skills and talents.
* Hell Lordship: Hold illimitable dominion over Hell.
* Hell-Fire Manipulation: Command the flames of Hell.
* Tormentor: Torment anyone and everyone.
* Underworld Lordship : Rule the Afterlife.
* Negativity Manipulation: Control negative forces.
* Nether Manipulation : Control the primordial force of nether.
* Omni-Magic: Use any and all forms of magic.
* Omnifarious: Take on any form.
* Human Disguise: Commonly used to fit in with humans.
* Supernatural Beauty: Deceive foes with supernaturally good looks.
* Omnimalevolence: The evil of the user is eternal and absolute (rare).
* Absolute Will: One can exert their will over all creation achieving virtually anything.
* Divine Force Manipulation: Manipulate divine forces.
* Divine Weather Manipulation: Control the weather on god-like scales.
* Ethereal Manipulation: Manipulate Ether.
* Miracle Performing: Users can perform miracles to gain followers.
* Possession: Possess anyone you choose.
* Primordial Darkness Manipulation: Control all the powers of darkness.
* Dark Element Manipulation: Control dark elements.
* Dark Energy Manipulation: Manipulate dark energies.
* Dark Lord: As the first Dark Lord, Satan holds power over all evil beings and forces.
* Dark World Manipulation: Manipulate the dark aspects of the world.
* Psionic Manipulation: Possess all mental abilities.
* Omnipathy: Read and control multiple minds.
* Particle Manipulation: Manipulate everything at its purest levels.
* Reality Warping: Control reality.
* Seduction Intuition: Seduce nearly anyone.
* Subordination Manipulation: Control allies, servants, armies and usually at least one assailant or dark lord.
* Supernatural Charisma: Be extremely charismatic in order to deceive.
* Supernatural Manipulation: Possess extensive understanding and ties to the abnormal or strange.

* Anti-God

* Weak against Holy Powers.
* Can be outmatched by users of Godly Incarnation.
* May be driven insane and lose their humanity altogether.
* May be limited by a higher being, such as a god; unless the being is a god as well but of either an equal or higher caliber.
* May be mistaken for the actual devil or Possession.
* Any form of redemption from the user voids the power altogether.

These ability called omnipotent these is basically when she becomes ruler/goddess of hell and the seven heavens after she defeated her enemies. ( specially the main one which it will remain secret )

unlimited power.


Omnipotence (from Latin: Omni Potens: "all power") is the ability to be almighty in every sense and aspect.
The user can achieve and do absolutely anything without any limit or condition, including the conceptually impossible and logically impossible, like "bigger than infinity" or "making a squared circle".
Its one and only wielder (there can be only one in each fictional continuity, hence the "Above All") is fundamentally invincible, completely immune to all other powers, and able to defeat the combined might of all creation and its mightiest beings just by wanting it, without the slightest effort.

* Omniarch - Rule all things.
* Omnicompetence - Handle all situations or matters.
* Hypercompetence - Be absolutely skilled in every possible field.
* Omnifarious - Take on any and all existing forms, shapes, varieties, or kinds.
* Omnificence - Create anything and everything from nothing.
* Almighty Object Manifestation - Create artifacts of nigh limitlesspower.
* Omnireplication - Duplicate anything.
* Omnilingualism - Decipher and speak any language.
* Omnilock - Exist outside of everything.
* Freedom - Be absolute free of any boundaries, even from destiny.
* Omnipresence - Be everywhere in existence at once.
* Omniscience - Know everything and anything.
* Enlightenment - Possess full comprehension of the omniverse.
* Omni-Senses - Possess senses enhanced to omniversal scale.
Specific Examples
* Complete Arsenal - Have every power.
* Absolute Change - Change anything.
* Absolute Condition - Have the ultimate levels of strength, speed, intellect, etc.
* Absolute Existence - Total control over their own existence.
* Absolute Force Manipulation - Control, create, shape and destroy all forces.
* Absolute Restoration - Restore everything back to their natural state.
* Absolute Will - The power to control/manipulate anything and be totally unstoppable.
* Almighty Magic - The power to use magic that is able to accomplish anything.
* Almighty Law Creation - Create and control the law that is unbreakable and is the Alpha law.
* Almighty Replication - Replicate all powers.
* Almighty Science - Control almighty/omnipotent science.
* Alpha Reality - Rewrite the laws of reality without limit.
* Amortality - The user is beyond life and death.
* Absolute Immortality - Total, absolute immortality.
* Boundary Manipulation - Complete control of all boundaries.
* Causality Manipulation - Compete control of the cause/effect relation.
* Concept Manipulation - Create/manipulate/erase all Concepts.
* Cycle Manipulation - Manipulate the cycles of existence (creation, existence, destruction).
* Definition Manipulation - Manipulate how anything/everything is defined.
* Destruction - Destroy anything and everything.
* Apocalyptic Force Manipulation- Control the final force.
* Existence Manipulation - Manipulate the entirety of existence itself.
* Primordial Force Manipulation - Manipulate the prime force.
* Existential Plane Manipulation - Manipulate all planes of existence.
* Grand Design Construction - Creating, sorting, preserving the universe.
* Logic Manipulation - Control and defy logic without limit and achieve any impossible feat.
* Maximum Quintessential Control - Control infinite amounts of spiritual force.
* Meta Power Manipulation - Create, control and delete powers on an infinite level.
* Meta Ability Creation - Can create whatever power one wants with no limits.
* Power Augmentation - Can increase and amplify special abilities to infinite power-levels.
* Power Immunity - Be immune to any and all external powers and effects.
* Power Link - Manipulate the power link.
* Meta Probability Manipulation - Control all possibilities.
* Metapotence - Do whatever one wishes regardless of justification.
* Nonexistence - Completely erase any kind of existence.
* Omni-Embodiment - Be embodiment of Everything.
* Omni-Magic - Manipulate all forms of magic.
* Omni-Negation - Negate and nullify everything.
* Omnicide - Kill all life at once.
* Omnifabricating - Invent anything with varying capabilities.
* Omniverse Manipulation - Control all universes.
* Origin Manipulation - Manipulate the origin of all that is.
* Paradox Manipulation - Override the laws of reality, logic and common sense.
* Perspective Manipulation - Manipulate the Perspective.
* Perfection (Existential Perfection/Perfection Embodiment) - User is absolutely flawless, perfection itself.
* Physical Godhood - Break and bend all scientific laws and concepts.
* Power Anchoring - User's powers are immune to all alterations.
* Preservation - Preserve Everything.
* Prime Being - Be the beginning of everything and every species.
* Separation - Separate/Divide Everything.
* Singularity - Absolutely one of a kind.
* Supernatural Manipulation - Control everything supernatural.
* Totality Manipulation - Rule/Control/Preserve/Create/Destroy all Totality.
* Ultimate Invincibility - Be absolutely invincible.
* Unimind - Be one with all minds.
* Unity - Be one with all and be everything.
* Universal Irreversibility - Actions cannot be stopped or reversed.

* Cyberpotence
* Metapotence
* Nigh Omnipotence
* Omnipotence Embodiment
* Ultipotence
Omnipotent Abilities

In-Universe (official)
* Absolute Existence
* Absolute Force Manipulation
* Absolute Wish
* Almighty Ascension
* Almighty Infusion
* Almighty Link
* Almighty Object Fusion
* Alpha Reality
* Anti-God
* Author Authority
* Boundary Manipulation
* Causality Manipulation
* Causa Sui Physiology
* Complete Arsenal
* Existential Perfection
* Logic Manipulation
* Meta Power Manipulation
* Monotheistic Deity Physiology
* Nonexistence
* Omnipotence Embodiment
* Omniverse Manipulation
* Origin Transcendence
* Origin Manipulation
* Perfection
* Prime Source
* Reality Dreaming
* Self Origin Manipulation
* Tetralogy
* Totality Manipulation
* Truth Manipulation
* Unimind
* Unity

Trans-Fictional (fan speculation)
* Omni-Creator

* Although users can do and know anything without limit, they may possibly choose not to, be it because of personal rules (like the Mother of Creation), or purely out of whim.
* Omnipotent beings can apply their power only in their respective fiction.


- always holds daggers under her sleeves
- has a doll named mr.nobody (evil entity who is attached to miku)
- hair clip that is a "x"
- a necklace

Friends : [anyone who wants to be her friend don't be afraid to say so]

- kio best friend (belong to Abre-Chan )
- yinsin - kinda more like frenemies she can't stand the happy goodie tissues girl XD ( she belong to GoatLover107 )
Gabriel the archangel: he is her senpai! And her guardian angel!

Back story:[work in progress ]
xX miku bio [reupload/please read description] Xx
I had to fixed some stuff that I havent manage to do TvT..

Now please! Before you assume things and criticized my o.c for any reason let me tell you first.

In my universe god! Is a girl and goes by the name of maika she is married with Satan and have kids miku is one of them!

Over power thing.

Miku is 19 and when she currently a student of broken wings she only has the satanic incarnation . where it will explain the capabilities and applications it has by being a satanic incarnation being.

The unlimited power part is when she is adult after destroying the unknown forces and graduate from broken winga academy she become a the goddess of both hell and heaven after her sister was killed and have that power .

She has her weaknesses and she into polygamy however these is my universe . my concept.

And with her appearance I am not changing it at all I like how she is and it will stay like that .
Friend: I always wonder how come your parents have you

Me: well lets see mom was a psychopath trouble maker woman who bitches can't mess with and with anger issues and my dad was one trouble maker, a man whore and a huge asshole of a bully . they met in a disco and have me! *smiles*

Friend: '-'.....*walks away slowly*
xX three sisters, different styles Xx
Just a friendly picture of me and my sisters in San Juan! Well in one of the parks I really look pretty there XD but my sister camila beat me tyere!
Lets play a game to get my mind off something. Im from Puerto Rico I'm sure a few of you ppl know that island. However named me a few stereo types. About a Puerto rican! Don't be afraid just say it!
I decided to just take it down....if ya guys want to know about her then ask me is better than just read it and assume things without knowing my intentions with her.  
XD I laugh at these so hard now I want to make a o.c being a crab lord

embedded_item1490570632140 by Xxbonecrasher59Xx
Should. I make alyx proxies?
7 deviants said Yes( suggest me on how would the proxies would be for her)
2 deviants said No (comment the reason why)
xX I [don't] Love you!Xx
Here is a crack ship of alyx x slender man which >^> I really do t see alyx loving him back but instead she is planning on killing him in his moment when he has his guard down so she playing a long XD I was told to draw these so here !
xX pity miu really hate kids Xx
XD here pity miu annoyed by being hug by baby booger who belong to a friend I clearly yet dont know her real name (is the smallest girl ) and sally XD
I decided to just take it down....if ya guys want to know about her then ask me is better than just read it and assume things without knowing my intentions with her.  


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Once you press that "watch" button you become officially my friend!

Welcome to my page also know as my own universe! Where you gonna see yaoi , yuri , gore, boobs ( a lot of them idk XD) , creepy , cute and more!!(except fetishes related art ). Anywhere and probably some fanarts who knows~

Feel free to ask me request, art trades or commissions !

Also if you want to talk to me don't be afraid I don't bite and I love making new friends!

I'm also a roleplayer sooo ~~~ if you ever want to Roleplay with me just say so~ I'll do a lil bit of everything as long you okay with me doing script!

I like listening to music , make my own stories and o.cs , yaoi! I am the yaoi goddess myself~ XD lol anyway I love creepy shit so whenever you show me one I'll call it cute ! I love candy specially chocolate ! And I love pasta!!

I'm 18 years old , I'm bi so if you homophobic and you don't like my sexuality there's the door my good friend!

I'm into these fandoms!:

- adventure time
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- Steven universe [probably?]

I'm a very accepting person I won't judge you for your :

- race
- sexuality
- skin color
- religion
- beliefs
And more I would judge you of how you treats others .

If you a bully , hater , troll , homophobic or a asshole and try to mess with me to bring me down . Don't waste your time in it ;) I am quite used to all your bullshit~

I will respect you as long you respect me.

All my o.cs are my babies and I care for them deeply they mean a lot for me so if you don't like them and called it crap I'll block you or simply ignore you plus there the door again. >v< I can take criticism as long is constructive and as long I ask you for it if not then don't even bother . I am very sensitive when it comes to these. I would admit that.

Mess with my friends you fucked with me!!

I'm weird so don't mind me~~ XD

Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Me!Me!Me! Stamp by HanniBuns

Imaginary Friend-stamp by Biila DRAMAtical Murder Stamp: Noiz X Aoba by wow1076

Crazy Stamp by Not-Think Horror Stamp by ll-Polaris-ll

Horror Artist by Stalcry I AM AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT ARTIFICIAL! by Little-rolling-bean

Traditional Art Stamp by ElyneNoir Freaking Out, Stamp by HarukotheHedgehog

No fighting allowed by Metadream vague stamp is vague by Aphose

Freak: Stamp by JazzaX Unless the creator tells you not to ship them. by MikoNekoCream435

Fuck the police by GloomyGoomi Make your character For fun, not for fame stamp by IvyDarkRose

Future Stamp by Stamp221 It's ok to hate me (Stamp) by ghoulr

Serial Killer Stamp by MoonLover Anime IS Art Stamp by Sheikah-ness

Creepypasta Fandom Stamp by 0ktavian Self Taught by GoatSocks

Bullying Is Not Mature Stamp by Caffeine-Master Original Characters Stamp by milkyribbon

Gay and Straight Pride by Mintaka-TK Thank You... by jennyleigh

ya by Sweetie-Pinkie Stamp: Judging Art by starfire-wolf

Friends - PINK - Stamp by Sonira-Stamps {COMM} You Have as Much Potential as Any of Us by NummyPixels

'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Warning: Art Of Many Styles by Vexcel

I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk WARNING by Vexcel

OC Love Stamp by rynoki Hollywood Undead Stamp by xXCougarXx

OC Fangirl Stamp by rynoki anti shipshaming stamp by Munchzig

OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan 001 by cipher-pines

[Stamp] Spideypool by RasAkiStamps I draw what I want [stamp] by ll-Polaris-ll

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AddictArtistAndia Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hiiiiiii, I remember seeing you from the creepypasta group. I love your art and I'm super envious by the way you draw free hand and able to make poses from scratch. ^^ I hope to one day be like you in that department of fluid drawing. You're lucky to get all the feedback and recognition because you totally deserve it. Keep up the good work!!
Xxbonecrasher59Xx Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Traditional Artist
I really appreciated it!!!! In sure you'll be able to be a great artist !
AddictArtistAndia Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you. ^^ It'll help motivate me to draw more and hopefully being able to draw more stuff from scratch without referneces.
Xxbonecrasher59Xx Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Traditional Artist
Hehe yup! ^^ I'm sure you'll do it!
Xxbonecrasher59Xx Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Traditional Artist
Awww thanks!!!!
SenaKay Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I came to your page to spam you with
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And Chocolate!! 🍫🍫

Because i love you! X3
GladioAugus17 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there I love how you draw female characters. I also love the blood in your art
Xxbonecrasher59Xx Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017   Traditional Artist
Dawww thanks!
GladioAugus17 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very welcome and I kinda have a wired obsession with blood and attractive female characters.
Xxbonecrasher59Xx Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017   Traditional Artist
Well we both well Dad I drsw sexy girls naturally but I do love creepy bloody stuff is beautiful!
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