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.:. points comissions .:.
Okay before anyone could go ask me for commissions I'm just gonna say what I can draw and can't draw . These is my first time doing one so take it easy on me!

- I won't be doing anything that has do to with fetishes o3o I will feel uncomfortable
- I can't draw extremely buff guys like goku style or anything like that
- I can't draw furries( I draw them a lil bit but not as good as ya will expect it ), wolves , dragons or any kind of animal .
- I can draw sonic fancharacters , creepypasta o.cs and your character o.cs I also can draw adventure time fan characters
- I can draw yaoi and yuri too cause I don't mind
- I can draw your o.cs being sexy or in a sexy pose as you like .
- I  will only draw traditionally
- Please be patient don't ask me if I'm gonna do your commission currently I have a life to deal with ^v^ so please don't hurry me to do them .

- Full body : 50 points

- head shots : 50 points

- couples : 100 points

- chibis : 40 points

- Group drawing of some of yours o.cs: 200 points

Newest Deviations

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Would you be interest if a do a contest? 

14 deviants said Yes
11 deviants said Depends
9 deviants said No.


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xXRQ: Party of three~Xx
Well I will post the uncensor ones on tumblr just cause is not allowed in here but a friend of mine wanted me to draw miku in her human form when she was drunk when she was more younger and single. Lol

She seriously having to much fun XD
xX don't get used to these[Yolanda]Xx
Here is yolanda showing her paradise !! And actually wearing something feminine XD and yes she has big boobs how she hides them well she wraps bandages to make her seem flat.

She hates it tho
xX j-jay!?[jayXeva]Xx
These isn't the commission :3 im doing a better one these is just me wanting to draw them together

So here jay picking Eva up as he was excited to see her while Eva is blushing unsure what to do XD

Jay belong to Ask-Antworker

Eva and art belong to ke
xX hmmm?[fanservice]Xx
I have other versions of her but XD they not caught up for these so here a sexy drawing of miku getting ready in her human form and yes the mirror is small 😂 she staying over her sister house and her niece lets her use her mirror.

I don't think I need to put mature content in these one cause it isn't that hardcore or anything but if ya not comfortable with these ignore it
xX i mean who cares?[miku]Xx
XD based on a rp with my cousin lol her o.cs was trying to fight off miku and miku like " seriously ?" Moments but she just smile and be cocky as she usually is
xX Miku with her parents[sketch]Xx
Here is miku with her two parents Satan and Maika[femgod] I never usually draw these three together alone so I drew miku taking a picture with her parents :3
cp/horror oc:Elvira/rusalka ref sheet[read desc.]
Author note: here is chomp mother ref. Sheet and her bio. Also her back story is still on work cause I need to fixed some stuff :3.

Name: Elvira

Age: 60 but appears as a 20 year young women .

Age of death: 20

Birthday: 23/june/1957

Date of death: 6 / November /1977

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: heterosexual

Relationship status: single

Specie: rusalka[ another word for mermaid but I'm basing her on the urban legend on Russia version of them :3 ]

Origin : a lake somewhere in Russia

Nationality: Russia

Status: dead/active on rusalka week.

Language spoken:

Appearance: ⬆⬆the picture above⬆⬆

Personality: mostly seen as a very lovely flirty young woman who seems to play around with others rusalkis but she actually a girl filled with nothing but hatred and hunger for revenge of men for hurting her.

▶ her child chomp
▶ singing
▶ summer
▶ the feeling when she kills young men
▶kinda hate/like chomp father [complicated]
▶ revenge


▶ men
▶ winter
▶when someone upsets her
▶ the day of her death


▶ can change into any appearance to match the taste of the young male she about to seduced
▶ has a enchanting voice to have the males be under her spell to lure them to the lake.
▶ can make her body slippery to prevent her victims from clinging towards her in order to get to the surface.
▶ can reproduce a child if she possessed a young female as a vessel of her child.
▶ can make males or females develop feelings towards someone as part of her and other rusalkis spell which is considered to be a "not true" love and just a effect of their spell.

▶ she can't stepped out of the water so she mostly seen hanging on trees brushing her hair or singing songs , sits on rocks with her legs on the water or dance around in the fields with the others.
▶ she gets stronger & highly dangerous only during rusalka week which she able to be out of the water and hanged around the trees and such.
▶during rusalka week she can stay out of the water for certain limited time if is over she quickly gets on the water.

Reason to kill: mainly revenge on men

Victims: her victims are mainly young men.

How she kills: she seduced and lure young men either by her looks or voice.

Weaknesses: unknown[ it doesn't say so don't ask me or argue with me for it after all she dead]

Weapons: none

Catchphrase: none


▶ chomp father[I am not saying his name not just yet till I work on him so for now he stays unknown]



Some songs that inspire me in away on designing her design :

Aida nikolaichuk - lullaby
A lullaby for a princess-[Idk the artist who sings these]

What inspires me the most on creating her and based her from:

The urban legend of rusalka week .


▶she was consider to be the most beautiful young women in her time around her small town .
▶ beside her beauty she was well known by her big heart and kind behavior always smiling and with such a positive attitude.
▶was murdered near by the lake by 5 men for rejecting their love. Filled with anger they kidnapped her and drag her somewhere near by a lake at night from her home then violently abused her and killed her then throwing her body to the lake like trash .
▶ she somehow has manage to have a child with a unknown monster by using a young girl body as vessel. [Which I will explain more when I work on chomp father later on when I can]
▶ would rest in piece if someone avengece her death on the ones who hurt her.
▶ won't harm any female nor children .

Backstory:[work in progress due to fixing some errors in it]
I'm redrawing chomp mother which is the female you see here. I am making her ref sheet and possibly with her bio as well. ^^ I am make her based on a Russian urban legend behind the rusalka week! I read the reason and purpose of that week which got me so intrested that I made her!
xX chomp's parents Xx
Here are chomp real parents they are based on a creepy Russian lullaby and I wanted them to give them that urban legend type of vibe they both aren't human .

Aren't they cool!?
xX meant to be yours!Xx
XD I dont know but I love the song "meant to be yours" so I thought of a Yandere maika[femgod]Satan just for fun lol!
xX Annie is back in town!!Xx
Guess who I'm bringing back!! That's right! Annie !! My mad
YanDere baby girl!!! XD is been a while without drawing her lol
xXartrades done Xx
I finish my part of the art trades I hope y'all like it .

The couple (1/3) belong to PositivePoison here my first part the other three is still work in progress.

And mordina belong to Chastil13

The other ones belong to the ones on insta
Geez there more mean moms than good moms :/ like every suicidal or depressed friends I met(mostly on Insta) have their mom hating on them
Okay hi I know these seem a bit confusing but 
;-; everyone! Please report stargazing-lilly she stolen a friend of mine on fb her o.c demon and claims that that's her o.c when is not. My friends told her to take it down but she. Hidden the comments and then make a journal… talking about my friend which she simply is lying about my friend being "toxic" but is not.

I know I know some of you will talk to her and all but I'm sticking with my friend. Even if is has another personality or color or a bit different of the design is still consider to be a stolen o.c :/ I will not allow none of you to attack these girl of course I don't wanna make these a huge drama or all that crap just report her and move on.

How I know my friend is telling the truth? Well
my friend have all the proof and proved us that is hers! You all know I don't say these randomly or lie about something serious as these nor get involved in these but these needs to be stop soon. So far as I know she claims only two of her o.cs a lamia girl who you will see soon later down and Damon . No the girl is not a art thief my friend didn't say that , only say she stole her o.c Damon ,so don't jump into immediate conclusion and accuse her of art thief.

Here are some the proof where Damon is hers.

Please don't let these girl mind wash you for whatever reason she says. I know my friend and she isn't like that like she says. She a kind person who adores creating characters for her to enjoy and have these person claim her o.c Damon as hers when is not is a rude thing to do.
Here other important stuff you need to also know
that my friend is telling the truth and not lyingScreenshot 2017-06-08-03-07-02 by Xxbonecrasher59Xx

Screenshot 2017-06-08-03-05-17 by Xxbonecrasher59Xx

Screenshot 2017-06-08-03-07-44 by Xxbonecrasher59Xx

I know these is a lot and messed up a bit >^<  and I'm sorry is my first time. However if you wanna see it for yourself here are the links of her sites where she post these and her art .…

So report her it will be helpful thank you.


Xxbonecrasher59Xx's Profile Picture
.:.raiza /toxicboom~.:.
Artist | Traditional Art
Puerto Rico
Once you press that "watch" button you become officially my friend!

Welcome to my page also know as my own universe! Where you gonna see yaoi , yuri , gore, boobs ( a lot of them idk XD) , creepy , cute and more!!(except fetishes related art ). Anywhere and probably some fanarts who knows~

Art trade:[closed]

Also if you want to talk to me don't be afraid I don't bite and I love making new friends!

I'm also a roleplayer sooo ~~~ if you ever want to Roleplay with me just say so~ I'll do a lil bit of everything as long you okay with me doing script!

I like listening to music , make my own stories and o.cs , yaoi! I am the yaoi goddess myself~ XD lol anyway I love creepy shit so whenever you show me one I'll call it cute ! I love candy specially chocolate ! And I love pasta!!

I'm 18 years old , I'm bi so if you homophobic and you don't like my sexuality there's the door my good friend!

I'm into these fandoms!:

- adventure time
- sonic the hedgehog
- Tokyo ghoul [kinda]
-soul eater [kinda too]
-black butler [ sorta]
- creepypasta [wayy into it]
- Steven universe [probably?]

I'm a very accepting person I won't judge you for your :

- race
- sexuality
- skin color
- religion
- beliefs
And more I would judge you of how you treats others .

If you a bully , hater , troll , homophobic or a asshole and try to mess with me to bring me down . Don't waste your time in it ;) I am quite used to all your bullshit~

I will respect you as long you respect me.

All my o.cs are my babies and I care for them deeply they mean a lot for me so if you don't like them and called it crap I'll block you or simply ignore you plus there the door again. >v< I can take criticism as long is constructive and as long I ask you for it if not then don't even bother . I am very sensitive when it comes to these. I would admit that.

Mess with my friends you fucked with me!!

I'm weird so don't mind me~~ XD

Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Me!Me!Me! Stamp by HanniBuns

Imaginary Friend-stamp by Biila DRAMAtical Murder Stamp: Noiz X Aoba by wow1076

Crazy Stamp by Not-Think Horror Stamp by ll-Polaris-ll

Horror Artist by Stalcry I AM AGAINST EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT ARTIFICIAL! by Little-rolling-bean

Traditional Art Stamp by ElyneNoir Freaking Out, Stamp by HarukotheHedgehog

No fighting allowed by Metadream vague stamp is vague by Aphose

Freak: Stamp by JazzaX Unless the creator tells you not to ship them. by MikoNekoCream435

Fuck the police by GloomyGoomi Make your character For fun, not for fame stamp by IvyDarkRose

Future Stamp by Stamp221 It's ok to hate me (Stamp) by ghoulr

Serial Killer Stamp by MoonLover Anime IS Art Stamp by Sheikah-ness

Creepypasta Fandom Stamp by 0ktavian Self Taught by GoatSocks

Bullying Is Not Mature Stamp by Caffeine-Master Original Characters Stamp by milkyribbon

Gay and Straight Pride by Mintaka-TK Thank You... by jennyleigh

ya by Sweetie-Pinkie Stamp: Judging Art by starfire-wolf

Friends - PINK - Stamp by Sonira-Stamps {COMM} You Have as Much Potential as Any of Us by NummyPixels

'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps Warning: Art Of Many Styles by Vexcel

I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk WARNING by Vexcel

OC Love Stamp by rynoki Hollywood Undead Stamp by xXCougarXx

OC Fangirl Stamp by rynoki anti shipshaming stamp by Munchzig

OC's Are My Babies by Foxxie-Chan 001 by cipher-pines

[Stamp] Spideypool by RasAkiStamps I draw what I want [stamp] by ll-Polaris-ll

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